SEO Tips for 2016

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SEO is here to stay. This is what every online marketer will tell you. They may remember to add that despite the fact that SEO has been around for quite some time, it has undergone numerous changes. Why not look at some SEO tips for 2016 to help you stay ahead of the game?

Best SEO Tips for 2016

Social media content

Online marketers are striving to ensure that their content on social media ranks high on search results. A good example is brand names. Many people use the brand name when searching on social media. Any online marketer will tell you that a simple SEO tip here is to use your brand name as the name of your Facebook page. Links to social platforms help in search result ranking as they show web crawlers that your website is credible. These links help your website to be ranked for particular keyword phrases.

The reign of video

Over 60% of searches globally are video searches. What does that tell you as a marketer? One of the SEO tips for 2016 is ensuring that you include an engaging video as part of your content. Videos also have a click through rate of 41% when compared to plain text. Google’s results are ‘more blended’ with more videos showing up in search results. Why not use video and have a higher chance of ranking on search results? For video content to rank high on search results, it needs to be uploaded via YouTube.

Mobile optimization

This SEO tip is probably no longer a competitive edge, it is the new normal. Most people will use their handheld devices to search for your brand or web content. For your content to rank higher in search results, it must be mobile-friendly. In fact, mobile searches have shown a 43% increase every year. Your website needs to be optimized, including the fonts, logo design, colors, and content. If you are in need of mobile website seo optimization, please contact our sponsor here: Victoria SEO

Voice search

In today’s fast-paced world, multitasking has become part of our everyday life. When you are on the go, typing is no longer convenient. If you are driving, using any device is, by all means, dangerous. Voice search, popularized by Microsoft, Apple and Google – Cortana, Siri, and Google Now, is a crucial aspect of SEO in 2016. This type of search will be characterized by the use of long tail keywords. It is natural for humans to use longer phrases when speaking. As an online marketer, your content needs to make use of long-tail keywords. An important facet of voice search is the split screen phenomenon. Since we have many screens to focus on, multi-tasking has managed to penetrate even our screen usage. One wants to check something on the phone while watching TV, talking with a friend, or doing something else like cooking. Voice search comes in handy.

All in All

As you can see, SEO Tips for 2016 are highly determined by consumer behavior, rather than by algorithms. You need to, therefore, focus on optimizing your content for users first – use long tail keywords, optimize it for social media and mobile, and use more videos. Ultimately, Google will reward you. Ranking on search results will be easier for you if you incorporate the above-discussed tips. For more information please contact us here: